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Curtains Cleaning Instruction

Because of the different types of fabrics of curtains we sell here, it is best if you follow these guidelines to avoid dyeing, fading, wrinkles, or damaging of the fabric.

Fabric Material Recommend Cleaning Methods Detergent Requirement Washing Temperature Drying Ironing Temperature Notes
Cotton Dry & Water washing No bleaching ingredient < 40 °C < 40 °C    
Silk & Silk Cotton Dry Clean No biological enzyme < 40 °C Do not tumble dry or twist Low temperature Using special silk detergent
Roman & roller shade Dry Clean No biological enzyme < 40 °C   Medium temperature  
Flocking & cut velvet Dry & water washing   < 40 °C   Medium temperature on back side and no fleece should be ironed Nearly-dry ironing is preferred, and use a brush to comb the fabric
Tencel & embroidery Dry & water washing   < 40 °C No tumble dye, please air dry Low temperature < 40 °C rinsing
Linen Dry & water washing   Gentle washing No spin dry No force twist or wring
Dry with low temperature
Low temperature  
Plyester Dry & water washing   < 40 °C     Low Temperature



1. Remove accessories of laces, fringes or pendants before washing.
2. Generally, the soaking of the fabric should note be longer than half an hour.
3. Light color products and dark color products should be separated at washing to avoid dyeing.
4. Please use low temperature drying if a dryer is used, the maximum drying temperature is 40 °C to avoid extra shrinking.
5. Make sure detergent is completely dissolved in water before washing.
6. If you are not sure how to wash your curtain fabric, please dry clean.
7. Do not tumble dry.
8. When ironing, make sure the iron is used on the fabric side only, on low to medium heat.


1.For best results, hand wash in a bathtub of mild suds.
2.Use the shower to rinse.
3.Allow to drip dry.
4. Some fabrics may also be dry-cleaned.

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