Curtain Care & Advice

Over the years, we have remained true to our original mission of bringing joy to everyday moments. Through our timeless, distinctive, and functional designs and expert advice, we want to empower people to be happy as they are: to live their lives as they desire, and to express their personality boldly through the way that they dress their homes.

Curtain Series

All our window dressing solutions come with optional motorised function.

Custom / Tailormade Curtains

Developed from efficient high-precision motors to move your curtains effortlessly and quietly with a remote control, this technology protects and extends your curtains’ life span whilst ensuring a perfect curtain alignment. Come with built-in batteries, these motorised curtains are designed to create a classy and cosy atmosphere for your living space.

Smart Memory Curtains

First brought to Malaysia by Curtains Place from Japan, our Smart Memory Curtains gets its name from the Japanese technology we apply to enable the fabric to retain a crisp shape from ceiling to floor, even after washing. This advanced production system has changed the molecular structure of the fabric, which gives the curtains a memory function that resumes their perfect folds.

Stage Curtains

Stage curtains can make a concert more spectacular, an event more impressive, and a show more exciting. No matter big or small, stage curtains do play a part in giving your space a ‘wow’ factor. Be it the main curtains, masking curtains, or backdrops, our stage curtains are designed with improving lighting and sound conditions in mind.

Swarovski Curtains

Since 2018, Curtains Place has come up with a range of products with the sparkling Swarovski Crystals. Cost-saving without compromising quality, our Swarovski Crystals Curtains are known to add a touch of magic to your living space. Our most prized innovation is the Swarovski trimmings that can be added to curtains according to your preference or design ideas. The Swarovski Crystals can be put on the tie backs, trimmings, and even tassel tiebacks for a touch of elegance and opulence.

See the full effect of the crystals on our pre-designed sparkly glitter curtains at our showroom or design your very own one-of-a-kind masterpiece based on the material and size given by you.

Smart Glass

Our Smart Glass is essentially a dynamic switchable glass (also known as privacy glass) that serves as a sun barrier that fades from transparent or translucent to opaque with just a flick of a switch. This technology allows for the control of various forms of light (visible, IR, UV) with electricity through typically transparent materials, allowing these traditionally static materials to be multifunctional. With electricity, glass is switched from opaque to transparent, allowing for dynamic light control.

Blinds Series

All our window dressing solutions come with optional motorised function.


Austrian Blinds

Austrian Blinds are technically curtains that function as blinds. Austrian Blinds are pulled up to the top from the bottom with cords attached to the back. Made with lightweight curtain fabrics that are longer than the finished drop, the extra fabric in length forms beautiful “scallops”, creating a classic European vibe to your space.

Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

Our Faux Wood Venetian Blinds capture the essence of natural wood while providing the durability of real wood. Sleek from top to bottom, these blinds come with steel headrail which will not easily bend. Besides bringing a beautiful wooden effect into your home, these blinds are also moisture-proof and easy to clean, ideal for the bathroom or kitchen. Made from the finest quality PVC, our Faux Wood Venetian Blinds are the perfect alternative to real wood, bringing you class and functionality.

Honeycomb Shades

Known for its energy efficiency, our Honeycomb Shades come with pretty honeycomb-shaped crisp pleats in various sizes. These shades offer excellent insulating power from their honeycomb shape, effectively trapping air between the window and the room and shielding your space against heat loss during rainy days and heat gain in warmer days. We have an array of dim fabrics that provide privacy and light control, and they come in various colours, patterns, and textures for your selection.

Roman Blinds

Designed to fold into beautiful pleats when raised, our Roman Blinds are a great alternative to curtains because they can be adjusted to enable easy and effective light control. With thermal lining, they can also be made more energy-efficient. By raising up or lowering down the blinds through a cord, Roman Blinds function with a unique mechanism at the back of the fabric, adding an extra touch of sophistication and elegance to your home.

Roller Blinds

Our Roller Blinds are of high-quality textures with dim-out functions that offer cosy colours to complement your interior. These blinds come with chain control and they offer gentle light filtering that provides privacy. Roller Blinds create a sense of calm elegance within a living space and inject the perfect blend of style and functionality to any space.

Skylight Blinds

Our Skylight Blinds come with special tracks that allow the blinds to be installed at any angle and retain their tension. Skylight Blinds’ insulating properties reduce heat transfer efficiently, and the blinds’ light filtering and dim-out options allow custom light control. Protecting your furniture and floor from UV damage, you can enjoy the skylight from above with its built-in temperature control function. The blinds can be operated manually by hand or be motorised for your convenience.

Vertical Blinds

Our Vertical Blinds are the sophisticated choice to style glass sliding doors or tall windows. The blinds come with simple controls that enable you to allow the amount of light you desire into your living space, protecting your privacy as well. These Vertical Blinds also come with insulation against heat and cold. We offer a range of different fabrics plains, patterns, and textures for you to make your style statement.

Classic Venetian Blinds

Classic Venetian Blinds are the perfect window dressing to set a warm and inviting mood. A popular choice for window covering to avoid sun glare, these blinds offer a stylish solution to controlling light, privacy, and heat. These blinds can be manually operated and they provide many functions including the ability to fully retract for ventilation and for a better view. We offer a wide range of materials and slat sizes, with durability and resilience guaranteed.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Bring the beauty of wood to your interior with our Wooden Venetian Blinds. Timeless and elegant, our stylish range of custom-made wooden blinds is the ideal window dressing in both traditional or modern living spaces. These blinds’ natural styling can add a true sense of luxury to any room and they are built to last. Wood is a natural insulator, hence these blinds will help cool your interior especially on hot days, keeping your living space comfy and cosy.

Zebra Blinds

Patterned with two layers of fabric, you can easily control the amount of light that enters your living space with these Day & Night Vision Blinds. They come with coordinating yet contrasting colours, with you in control of light and privacy. You have the choice to align the sheer strips that alternate with patterned fabric for light filtering, or for privacy with a view. Using standard rollers, these high-quality blinds are effectively lightweight, fitting onto walls, ceilings, and window frames perfectly.


Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo Blinds are a top choice for the outdoors due to their versatility. These blinds are a dream to maintain as they only need to be wiped to achieve the good-as-new window dressing. Bamboo Blinds give you the privacy you need yet allowing the perfect amount of light to flow indoors to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Entirely natural and durable, finish off your chic living space look in style.

Exterior Venetian Blinds

Our Exterior Venetian Blinds enable you to control light, shading, and ventilation through opened windows and can be used in all weathers. These blinds also reduce the need for air-conditioning as they regulate temperature naturally whilst preventing curious people from looking inside, protecting your privacy.

Outdoor Awning

Our Outdoor Awning is made from the highest quality engineered components and the latest fabric technology, made-to-measure to ensure the perfect fit for your outdoor space. With many fabrics to choose from and with different makes, you can choose the right size, features, colour, and fabric to ensure it provides the protection you desire. Designed to shield you from sun and UV, it also protects you from rainfall as well as the intense heat of the sun.

Zip Blinds

Zip Blinds are superb for outdoors because the fabric is tightly zipped into the side channels, holding the fabric securely, withstanding even strong winds and heavy rain. The fabrics can be custom made in many forms and can also be enhanced to allow a certain amount of light and vision through when closed. The blinds can also be stopped at any point or be half-opened.


Our trendy and stylish accessories add extra charm to your window dressing, complementing your room’s décor.