After a few years, hundreds of thousands of dust mites will be found living deep inside your curtains, consequently triggering allergic reactions or asthma.

Don’t worry, regular curtain cleaning can maintain a good home hygiene for your health and safety.

On-Site Curtain Cleaning Services


Deep Cleaning

Without Curtain Removal
/ Re-Hanging

Zero Shrinkage & Wrinkles

Quick & Convenient

Our Cleaning Specialists

Using specially imported extraction devices and equipment, our skillfully trained cleaning specialists use topnotch cleaning solutions for safe, healthy deep cleaning.

The first in Malaysia to launch this LIFETIME CLEANING PROGRAMME, we remove dust, apply detergent and sanitiser, and ensure full coverage during the deep cleaning.
Our professional deep cleaning services can be done on-site for curtains, drapes, and even tiebacks.
When we do curtain deep cleaning, we use trusted cleaning solutions that are perfectly safe for both you and the cleaning specialist.
We can also clean your curtains at our facility if on-site cleaning is not convenient for you.

Count on us to remove dust, allergens, and bacteria from your treasured curtains!