Opening a window to quality curtains

Exhibitor to feature colourful drapes with a choice of interesting borders

Curtains and blinds are important as they help accentuate the home.

Curtains Place is hoping to educate customers on using curtains as a fashion piece in the living room.

Curtains Place founder and chief executive officer Jason Low said the company would be featuring curtains with a touch of Nordic and minimalistic designs.

“Houseowners want to source for curtain styles that are simple yet extraordinary as they want to give their house an outstanding look. In view of that, we are introducing a new style, by adding borders to the curtains,” Low said during an interview at the Curtains Place showroom in Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

“These days, windows can go up to 5.5m and inevitably become a vital part of the house’s design. The idea of adding borders was inspired by the clothing fashion line but I tried using different width for the borders,” Low said.

On some of the curtains, the borders were added as a separator of different colours, bringing out a whole new design dynamic.

“Customers can choose and match the borders with their house designs, after consulting with our designers,” said Low.