The place to go for window dressing

Company ensures hassle -free process for customers to buy and install curtains

GIVING customers the personal touch, from the moment they step into the store right up to when the curtains are installed, Curtains Place makes sure it stands out from the rest.

From assembling the curtains to designing and installation, the company gives credit to its own in-house team that ensures everything goes smoothly for customers.

Curtains Place founder and chief executive officer Jason Low said the company believes in upholding service excellence and giving customers quality and trendy products.

“Our sewing department sticks by the motto of ‘doing it right the first time’ and our installation department strives in impressing customers. These are taglines that our team upholds and testimonials from the customers are evidence of our service excellence,’’ he said.

For this, Curtains Place was awarded the Platinum Business Awards 2017 by SME Association of Malaysia.

Check out their new Splendour Collection which features myriads of colourful floral patterns.

“Aside from full floral curtains, we have also given solid-colour curtains a little twist by adding floral patterns to them. The colourful floral designs will stand out from the plain background,’’ he (Low) said, adding that the fabrics were imported from Belgium.